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How can help:
Typical jobs include: 
Setting up and cleanup for book sales or other events
Shelving books and DVD's, and organizing materials on the shelves or the displays
Computer projects
Creating flyers, copying, and other assorted office tasks
Constructing crafts for children's story time
Assisting patrons on the public computers
Being flexible to assist the librarians with a variety of tasks
Requirements for teen volunteers:
Volunteers must be at least 14 years of age
Volunteers less than 18 years old must submit  a completed volunteer application signed by a parent or guardian.
Special Programs:
If you have a particular interest or skill you would like to contribute to the library, we'd like to hear about it! Do you have expertise in computers? Grant writing? Crafts for children or adults? Story time ideas? Let us know if you have time to share your talents.

Library Wish List
If you are interested in sponsoring an item on the Library Wish List, please contact the director at 236-3642 or
  • Inter-library loan gift: If you would like to help you can sponsor this service at the rate of $15.00 per day, $60.00 per week, or $260.00 per month (this is approximate and does not include regularly scheduled holidays)
  • Purchase a subscription for newspaper or magazine.

Join the Friends!
The Friends of the Rockport Public Library works to:. 
  • Recognize the Rockport Public Library as an integral part of our community
  • Promote public awareness and recognition of the Library
  • Enhance children's resources and activities
  • Contribute volunteer assistance to Library staff
  • Publicize the cultural, educational, intellectual, and recreational resources of the Library
For more information on our active Friends of the Rockport Public Library, use this link:

Financial Gift Opportunties
Gifts are tax deductible. As part of the Town of Rockport, the Rockport Public Library is a 501(c)(1) tax exempt organization. 
Gifts for Current Needs (These gifts are used until totally expended.) 
General gifts are added to the operating budget and help cover annual operating costs.
Celebration and memorial gifts can be made in honor or in memory of a special person. Bookplates recognize the occasion of the gift.
Endowment Fund Gifts (Only earnings from these gifts are used.) 
Earnings from the Library's Endowment Fund support for Library operations and purchase of new materials. The Fund is overseen by the Library Committee. 
You can contribute to the Endowment Fund by: 
Making a monetary gift
Naming the Library in your will or as the beneficiary of an insurance policy
Giving securities or property
Your Endowment Fund gift can be undesignated or designated: 
Undesignated gifts will be added to the Endowment Fund. Earnings will support library operations and purchase of new materials.
Designated gifts to the Endowment Fund can be made in several ways: 
You can request that your gift be added to the Marjorie B. Dodge Memorial Fund for Books. This fund, which honors the memory of the woman who was Rockport's Librarian from 1962 to 1992, makes possible the purchase every month of new books for adults and children.
With the approval of the Library Committee, your Endowment Fund gift can establish a named fund to generate income to be used for a designated purpose. Bookplates can recognize books purchased with income from a named fund.