Rockport Public Library Event Calendar

Date: 1/25/2023
Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Title: Short Film Club Screening of PARVANEH
Contact: Julia Pierce, 207-236-3642
Location: The Rockport Room
Description: The Rockport Library's new "Short Film Club" continues in January with the screening of the Oscar-nominated Swiss film Parvaneh (2012). 

The film is about Parvaneh, a young Afghan immigrant, living in a transit centre for asylum in the Swiss mountains. Upon hearing of her father's illness, she travels for the first time to Zurich to send her family in Afghanistan money for medical bills. Having only experienced the Swiss countryside, the trip into the city becomes an eye-opening experience.

The film runs 25 minutes and will be played in German with English subtitles. A disussion of the film will be held after the screening, for those who wish to participate.         207-236-3642