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Updated Historical Timeline of the Library
Here is an updated historical timeline covering the events that have gone into the planning for a new library.

Updated Timeline 2017
2017 Survey by the Portland Research Group
Public Library Research Executive Summary November 2017

Public Library Research Full Report November 2017
What's Happening?
Right now the future of the Rockport Public Library is in the hands of the Select Board. They are working very hard to find a path forward for a new library for the town.

When things firm up more information will be posted here. To follow the talks the Select Board is having you can watch the old meetings here.

Thank you and stay tuned for more information.
Select Board meetings on location choice
The Rockport Select Board have been meeting for the past two months to look at what the next steps should be for the library and to re-evaluate the site at 1 Limerock Street and the site known as the RES.  The Select Board will be meeting tonight, February 21st to discuss what they have heard thus far.  This has been a topic of great interest to Rockport residents.  If you have missed any of the meetings and would like to catch up, below are links that will take you directly to the meeting you are interested in.

You can watch any of the past meeting by going to

You can watch the individual meetings by following the links below.

You can watch the January 17th meeting by going to{1B17C51E-34D1-4AC9-A732-07C77488D4BA}&DE={862E6661-18CC-4E54-B18D-85F350DCB304}  at this meeting the board met with the Capital Campaign Committee and the Library Committee.

You can watch the February 1st meeting by going to{1B17C51E-34D1-4AC9-A732-07C77488D4BA}&DE={43A54648-3D14-4C7F-B092-DBEAD332875B}  .  At this meeting, they met with architects, engineers and contractors about the upside and downside of each site.

You can watch the February 15th meeting by going to{1B17C51E-34D1-4AC9-A732-07C77488D4BA}&DE={F24B6BFB-3854-4CC0-88E2-2BFBD8EFA470} .  At this meeting the Assessor gave a buildout analysis of the RES site and 3 planning professionals gave their opinions of each location. This meeting also featured a presentation from a group of citizens working to buy property and donate it to the town for the use of the Library.

Buildout Analysis
Armentrout Presentation
Option Agreement

Each of those links give you a link to the livestream for that meeting as well as a link to the agenda and any documents presented at the meeting.

For information on past future planning please click here.