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Come and enjoy tea, coffee, and muffins and share the wealth of your reading experiences with other readers. In the words of one participant, Booklovers’ Café is "a chance to talk with real people about real books!” Be prepared to chat informally about one or two books or authors you love—or just stop by to listen. Join us! All are welcome.

~We read books, talked books, argued over books, and became dearer and dearer to one another.~
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society
March 2017
Booklovers' Café
March 25th 2017

The Obituary Writer
By Ann Hood
Two stories intertwined- a woman in 1960 just as JFK is about to be inaugurated, and
she’s married but been having an affair. She’s pregnant and believes the baby is her
lover’s baby. Intertwined with a woman in 1919 who is an obituary writer, but has been on
a quest since the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 to find her lover who went missing
after the earthquake. There’s a surprising connection. Didn’t exactly go where you
thought it would. Felt like there was a nice message about maybe sometimes you should
just make the best of what you have.

A Great Reckoning
By Louise Penny
Excellent. Gamache’s involvement in the book is key. I love the way she writes- enjoyable
to read. Don’t know where she comes up with the ideas that she does. I recommend it
highly. I didn’t want it to end.

A Divided Command
By David Donachie
About people pressed illegally into the British navy during the time of the French
revolution. Tremendous about of back and forth material between the French and British
navy- trying to control shipping. Fabulous series. You think the characters would be
pretty obvious but they’re not. Central character is of Scottish origin- the son of a
political speaker who would wander about in England and had to escape to France. There is a lot of mayhem going on. Other members of the group took refuge in a small area next to the
Thames River which had been part of a nobleman’s estate and therefore was free of English
law. The central character meets a lot of the characters by being in the pub on the
estate and the British navy sent a crew to seize as many man as they could (illegally).
They end up on a ship- none of them knows much about anything about the ship. They have
to learn how to work on a ship which is fascinating. You see British culture, shipboard
culture, French culture. Deep and not obvious.

Love and Ruin
Edited by Evan Ratliff
From the Atavist Magazine- an atavism is a reversion to a lost trait in a modern lineage.
Series of short stories that were online.
When We Were Called to Part by Brooke Jarvis. About Molochai Island in Hawaii. Sobbing. It’s
very honest amazing writing. They’re almost like a novella some of them. All beautifully
written. Highly recommend this book.

The Road from Coorain
By Jill Ker Conway
Memoir – She ended up as the first female president of Smith College. Fascinating-
excellent writing.

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