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Weekly Story Time for preschool children
Tuesdays at 10:30
Every Tuesday morning at 10:30 am, join us for stories and a craft! This program is for babies through age 5 or so. For more information, call 236-3642.

Join us this summer for four fun summer reading programs!

Chewonki: Tide Pools
Monday, July 9th from 2-3 pm at the Rockport Opera House

The tide pool is home to a variety of species whose unique adaptations allow them to maintain stability in a world that is in a constant state of change. Which species can endure the waves, tides and temperature changes of the rocky coast? Using an interactive display, participants will dip their hands into the three zones of Maine's rocky intertidal ecosystem and touch the ocean's most magnificent species. This is a free program open to the public

Chris Van Dusen!!
Monday, July 17th from 2-3 pm at the Rockport Public Library

Chris Van Dusen, author and illustrator of "If I Built a Car", the Mr. Magee series, and more, will come to the library to read and talk about his work. Don't miss it! This is a free program open to the public.

Mad Science of Maine: Sounds Like Science
Monday, July 23rd from 2-3 pm at the Rockport Opera House

Pitch, Frequency, Vibrations, Oh my! Meet our Mad Science Maestro in this ear pleasing show about the science of sounds! We will open ears and eyes as we use light to send music across the room. Explore sound as it travels through solids, liquids, and gases and listen to the beautiful tones of Mad Science resonance tubes. We will even take a trip through the jungle as we recreate the roaring sounds of several animals. Find out how hot sound can be as it rises out of our Singing Pipe and flaming didgeridoo's. Discover how hilarious sound waves can be when they are manipulated using our sound machine! This is a free program for all ages and open to the public.

Egg Drop
Monday, July 30th from 2-3 pm at the Rockport Public Library

We will end the Summer Reading Program with our second annual egg drop competition! We challenge you to build a case for an egg that will stop it from breaking if droped from a height of more than 10 feet. Make your own at home or come to the library early and we'll have the supplies you need to make one. Eggs will be provided during the event.